The Cruising Shutterbug, 2007-2014 Pinoy Edition (Image and Magsaysay)

July 2014 UPDATE: Image is hiring from Manila again! Visit Magsaysay at TM Kalaw. Image is scheduled to conduct their hiring/interviews on 23 July 2014.

September 2013 UPDATE: According to my source at the agency, the waiting list for photographers wanting to join Image is quite long.  The good news is that there are other companies that you can work for if you really are interested in working as an onboard photographer.  For Filipinos, just approach the different agencies, like Magsaysay, as they handle more than one client.  Remember, these companies are not hiring from just one country.  They hire from all over the world.

November 2012 UPDATE: Image is back — that is, as far as Filipino wanna-be cruise ship photographers are concerned.  They just did a H.I.R.E. session in the Philippines on September 2012. So all ye Filipino photographers aspiring for a career at sea, check them out! Currently, the contact person in Magsaysay for Image photographers is Abby.

January 2012 UPDATE: Image, the company that I work for had not been conducting H.I.R.E. sessions in the Philippines for quite a while. They have a lot of Filipino photographers and they are not hiring from the Philippines any time soon. See their H.I.R.E. Sessions page.

Not to fret. Magsaysay Maritime Corp. (MMC), the same agency that helps recruit for Image, handles recruitment for other cruise lines as well. But I don’t have first-hand information on those companies, so please contact Magsaysay for more info.

And, regardless of what country you’re from, you can check out for photographer and videographer positions on cruise ships, or try recruitment companies like Viking Recruitment for other onboard positions.

Avoid any recruitment company or website that asks you to pay for “exclusive information” or for “better placement” or for whatever other advantages they offer.

For more Questions & Answers about Ship Life and How To Become A Cruise Ship Photographer, check out For your convenience, they all have predictable titles…

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