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The Interview

“The Interview”
an exercise in Documentary Filmmaking at
SHOOT! Practical Videography School, Quezon City, Philippines

Video editing by Evelyn Yap
Video interview by Team Perie & Evelyn
Mentoring by EJ Mijares
Transcript and translation by Evelyn Yap

Thanks to Zenny & Nolie Mangubat
4J’s Angels Garden, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, NCR Philippines

This video also appears in my (PeerTube) channel.

Documentary Filmmaking Workshop at the SHOOT! Practical Videography School

It was a 3-day workshop where

  • about 80% of our class of 13 were new to any kind of videography or filmmaking, a couple of whom weren’t even familiar with the video editing software on their computers.
  • Day 1 was a full day of lecture + samples + demonstration,
  • Day 2 was a couple of hours of lecture + an afternoon of shooting, and
  • Day 3 was a couple of hours of lecture + an afternoon of editing with some coaching, which was generously extended till the early evening, out of consideration for us beginners + a screening and critique of our videos.

Our practicum was an interview.

Unlike those interviews you see on TV, we didn’t have the luxury of pre-planning and research. We found out over lunch, on Day 2, what we were to do that afternoon. Right then and there, we picked our subject and went straight into shooting and interviewing.

We were scattered all over the 15-hectare Quezon Memorial Circle park yet, somehow, our super mentor EJ Mijares managed to check on, and coach, all of us. Apparently we didn’t disperse far enough. 😋

It was a little crazy, but we all loved it! 😅

Imagine that:

a whole afternoon of shooting and interviewing + 
a whole afternoon of video editing = a 2- to 3-minute video 😆

Not bad for a bunch of beginners. 😎

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