Watching a Casey Neistat Q&A video on YouTube right now.

Q: “How do you surround yourself with the right people?”

CN: “What I do … eliminate the bad people.”

That’s what I do too. ☝
Seriously. 🙄

I just recently unfriended a Facebook contact. She reposted/shared really bad fake news. I pointed it out and asked her to remove it because there are gullible people out there that are trigger-happy with reposting/sharing (like her). She didn’t. And gave dumb reasons for keeping the post up.

Unfriend! 🤪

Okay now… Don’t go crazy.

Relax. 🙂

She was never my friend to begin with. I met her in person a couple of times. I hardly knew her.

She managed to find me on Facebook and sent me an Add Friend request. I decided to approve it so she won’t feel rejected.

But then she did the fake news thing, so I Unfriended her. 🙃

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