What I’m up to lately…

Shutterbug: Evelyn Yap

Shutterbox: a not-so-awesome mobile phone camera

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So I’m having an extra long vacation again — no word yet as to when my next assignment will be — and curious people are asking what I’m up to while at home.

Aside from napping? 😀

Photo of a netbook, an iPad and a laptop computer
Multitasking with multiple gadgets

For the past few days, I’ve been multitasking with these gadgets. From left to right…

That’s my trusty little netbook where I do all sorts of stuff.

Then there’s my new toy that my bro gave me which I’m preparing for my next contract — checking out some nifty apps and downloading podcasts.

That humongous thing you see on the right isn’t mine! But I’ve been working on it for several days now. There’s a bug that security software can’t detect. And if they can’t detect it, they can’t remove it. Even with advice from a guy who claims to have created the first malware with “no backdoor”, the bug persists, acting like two harmless files that just won’t go away.

I’m almost done with it. Though I’m guessing one wrong move and it’ll resurface, perhaps sporting a different filename. I threatened the laptop’s owner that if she gets it infected again, I’ll reformat her hard drive and put Linux instead.

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