Why did I — a little nomad who is neither a writer nor a blogger — write the series called “Work as Cruise Ship Photographer (Pinoy Edition)” and “How To Become A Cruise Ship Photographer“?

These pages on evelynyap.com/answers came about mainly out of concern for people who are considering getting a job as Cruise Ship Photographer. Some are led to think that it would help improve their chances of getting the job if they join or attend special workshops which cost a few thousand pesos, or buy e-books about cruise ship job opportunities.

While such workshops and e-books are not scams per se, they are absolutely unnecessary as far as job application is concerned. It is so very NOT necessary that it almost seems like a really bad joke.

Imagine spending money thinking that you’re preparing yourself to become a Cruise Ship Photographer, attending a so-called workshop and going through all the motions of acting like a cruise ship photographer, then getting to the interview and finding out you’re not qualified after all. Knowledge and skills are not the only qualifying factors. And those other factors will not be taken care of by attending seminars or by buying e-books.

Do you need more information? Then interview your interviewers when they interview you. Hey, it’s free. Plus, it shows them you’re giving it serious thought and that you’re not just blindly applying for any job. 😎

It is my hope that these pages will give people enough information so that they won’t have to spend unnecessarily. Life is tough enough already. The way I see it, if you already know photography, you do not need to spend more money to improve your chances of passing an interview for a job as Cruise Ship Photographer. It’s either you’re in or not. Taking up a course that’s not known to, nor recommended by, the hiring company won’t get you in.

What I’ve noticed happening a lot in the real and virtual world is that: “Those who can’t, teach.” And they charge for it, of course.

And let me say that if you plan on working for Image, regardless of your country of origin, there shouldn’t be any need to spend extra for special seminars or e-books. Just contact them or their chosen agency in your country for more information or for assistance.

You may also try cruise lines that hire their own in-house photographers. These companies do have websites with sections about career opportunities. Some will even have sections giving information about life at sea.

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