YouTube Comment for “Designated Errand Girl”

About 18 hours ago I uploaded a silly documentary on a little aspect of quarantine life in the Philippines, for a mini just-for-fun film festival. Soon after, I got a YouTube comment for Designated Errand Girl.

Watch “Designated Errand Girl” a very short and light documentary on one little aspect of life under the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines

I’m not exaggerating now…

Within MINUTES, this comment came in from a certain “Todd” saying:

“awesome content it was really good, we should collab man!”

Screenshot of a comment, on a YouTube channel, from a suspicious person saying "awesome content it was really good, we should collab man!"
Screenshot of a YouTube comment from a seemingly suspicious person

Wow. 🙄

That was within… what… 5 minutes of the video getting uploaded and published??

He’s quick. Too quick. I bet he didn’t even watch the video.

I’m not delusional yet to think my content is awesome. 😜

That suspicious “Todd” account links to two YouTube channels that each have THOUSANDS of subscribers but ZERO videos.

Hmm… 🤨


I don’t quite know what to think of him and whatever he may be up to, but I’ve decided I won’t be doing any “collab” with Todd.

I replied to his YouTube comment saying, “Wow. You’re fast… … How did you even find my video so quickly?”

I was nice and gentle, okay? I didn’t accuse him of anything. ☝😃

By the way, my film submission was actually from video footage that were used for the earlier-published Crappy Video #018 “Designated Errand Girl (UNDER QUARANTINE)”. The videos were repurposed into a less crappy and not too short film, with different intro and end credits, and submitted to the Matti Haapoja Film Festival.

I don’t know if Matti ever got my submission. But I tried. At least I tried.

And about my Crappy Videos, I do try to keep them as short as I can because I don’t want viewers to suffer too much. 😉

UPDATE 24 April 2020

So apparently, this guy Todd saw my reply to his comment.

Mind you, I was not accusing him of anything. I was only curious as to how he found my video so quickly.

And now it looks like he has deleted his comment. And my reply to his comment is gone as well. 🤔


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